Black Wolf Taxidermy, located in Oswego, New York, was established in 1985 by taxidermist  Rodney Woolson. He specializes in wildlife mounts from  Whitetail Deer, Moose, Bear and exotic animals like the World Class Water Buffalo he recently completed. Whether it's a head, rug, or 1/2 body  mount your seeking, Rodney has the expertise and experience to realistically recreate your mount. We do not handle birds or fish at Black Wolf Taxidermy Studio.

Rodney's customers come from all over New York State as well as other parts of the U.S.A.. An avid hunter and trapper himself, it has given Rodney an edge in being familiar with the wildlife he works with and envisioning what they look like in the wild. 

Rodney is a member of the New York State Trappers Association and has donated a number of mounts to them for fund raising purposes

Black Wolf Taxidermy